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Departmental Overview

The department of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) offers the curriculum based on the NCTE syllabus. At present the department has an intake capacity of 50 students. The department has excellent teaching-learning environment with qualified and dedicated faculty members and well-equipped laboratories with PCs conforming to modern configuration. In order to establish as a centre of excellence in the field of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) the department shall strive to get the skill of the students developed in latest Technology . The department shall especially focus on the academic programs with practical knowledge and co-curricular activities so as to promote the intellectual growth of the students.

Departmental Mission

To provide qualitative education and generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge technology and by offering state-of-the-art Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) leading to careers as undergraduate teaching program that enables you to pursue a career in teaching and other related fields.

To harness human capital for sustainable competitive edge and social relevance by inculcating the philosophy of continuous learning and innovation in (B.ED)


Departmental Vission

To become a Centre of Excellence in the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) discipline with a strong teaching environment that adapts swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.